bazevedo - October Sketchbook

I had an idea to post a Halloween/spooky render each day in October, and I thought that this would be a good place to share them. If anyone else wants to also do this, feel free to post in this thread, and I am using #thespookydaily on social media to share them.

Some will be from classic horror movies, and some will just be silly images. Some more finished while others might be very simple. I thought it would be a good way to stay creative, and Halloween/Fall offers so many fun ideas to work with.

Let me know if there is another area on the board that would better to share this type of project. I really would like other people to also take part and share their ideas and images.

Day 1 - I originally started with trying to model a pumpkin, and then decided to try to practice carving out parts to create a jack o lantern.

Day 2 - This was one of my ideas for the latest weekend challenge. This didn’t end up being my submission, but I did like the way it turned out, and I always think about maple seeds, or helicopters as I called them growing up, when I think of fall.

Day 3 - This was a combination of a snail that I did for a weekend challenge, and a fall forest scene. I thought they ended up working well together, and I wish that I would have used this for my submission in the challenge.

Hallooween is my favorite holiday because of costumes. And I think that these will be a great idea for your October Sketchbook . I want to show the most crazy costumes.
[ATTACH=CONFIG]500692[/ATTACH]Groot Reacher Creature
[ATTACH=CONFIG]500693[/ATTACH]Ladies Senorita includes a black lace veil with a crown of flowers, lace choker with an attached flower & skull charm. Looks creepy.
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Day 4 - I’m still kind of freaked out by dark rooms with static on the tv because of Poltergeist.

Day 5 - Even Freddy has the occasional rough day where he just barely makes it to his bed…

Day 6 - Trick or Treat

Day 7 - When I was little, there was no horror movie as scary as the idea that there might be a razor blade in the trick or treat candy…

Day 8 - Probably the most polarizing of all the candies.

Day 9 - As a kid, I used to be really freaked out by aliens. I might not have been as scared if I had met this little guy.

Day 10 - Messing around with some different rendering styles on this one.

Day 11 - I’ve never actually played with a Ouija board before because I’ve seen the Exorcist and I know what happens…

Day 12 - Tantir-man-ov-mis-hazen-sober. Kanda!

Day 13 - Today’s subject was an easy choice.

Day 14 - Bustin’ makes me feel good!

Day 15

Day 16 - When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween.

Day 17 - No October is complete without a trip to the pumpkin patch.

Hey baze I’m loving some of your renders here. The pumpkin patch I recognize ftom the voxel theme, as well as a few others. Anyways I just wanted to say good job and looking forward to seeing more of your art.