BBB Blu ray Vs DVD

Does anybody have the Blu ray version of BBB?

I would like to know if this version includes all the production files

the info on the Blender shop suggests that it only comes with the 2 disc DVD version
and the blu ray version is just the movie and commentary


is there some way to convert beetween the two ?

I believe the only difference with the actual movie is the size of the video (dimensions)
Blu-Ray is full HD and DVD is only Normal TV dimensions

I might be wrong thou

but you can already download the HD version - and all the versions
So I don’t need to convert the format

I like to support blender buy purchasing the DVD’s etc
(Just got my Venom’s Lab in the mail today!!)

I am just wondering what version of BBB I am going to buy

If the Blu-ray version comes with all the other stuff I will buy this version
If it doesn’t - I will buy the DVD version

anybody have the blu ray?