BBB Live Edit

I’ve finally received my BBB dvds and I was playing with the live edit blend. I have a few questions for (Sacha and Enrico I think) who is responsible for the animatic part.

What was the general workflow for it ? I’ve seen that there are simple camera movements, even zooms and the character looked really, well, animated. Did you guys assembled the clip in another blend scene, in two-3D, and then imported the avi from that scene ?
I think the animatic looked really clear and professional, and that two-3D style is really what sells everything.

How did you handle the full HD renders ? Did you use proxys or the machines were able to handle them ? It would be cool to have a simple screencast on how you did this.


Gianmichele, they used the sun network renderfarm to render it.

Yep, but the edit had to be done on their workstations :smiley:

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(I know Enrico is really busy now!)


  • Camera movement was all done in the original scene blend files.
  • As you can see in the live edit .blend, it has 4 meta strips:[LIST]
  • Exr’s in final HD resolution.
  • Test render videos in a lower resolution.
  • Opengl render videos.
  • Animatic images.
  • The opengl renders are simply rendered out from the scene .blend files with the right name. I think some of the test renders were too at the beginning, though at the end all the videos for the test render were made from the HD resolution exr’s.
  • There’s a script on the DVD ( that was running continuously as part of the renderfarm scripts, generating those lower resolution test render videos from the exr’s as they came back from the renderfarm (it generates HD resolution videos too, though the live edit only uses the exr’s directly I think).
  • I don’t know if proxy’s were used, but for realtime playback the exr’s just weren’t used as far as I know, decoding HD exr’s isn’t fast enough, that was only for rendering out the final video. The test render meta strip played back in realtime.[/LIST]

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Cool Bretch, thanks a lot.

Any plan, or idea, or dream to explore a way to have a “near realtime” light/relight system in blender ?

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