BBB on PS3

How would I got about watching the HD version of BBB on my PS3? I mean, format wise?

I’m not entirely sure about the PS3, but I know for a fact that the PSP takes MP4 which would mean that you should be safe with MP4 on the PS3.

With a bit of research, I came up with this:

I have downloaded both of the titles marked MP4 on the BBB website without joy :frowning: Any clues what other format I should use, and how I can convert to that format?

unfortunetly you’ll have to either convert the files, or get the blu-ray version. I haven’t bothered to convert yet, I’m just going to buy the blu-ray version… PS3 seems to take most forms of wmv and the psp mp4 format (search for psp converters maybe). What is your psn anyways? I’ll add you