BBB sighting on slotmachine

Hi there,
I sighted BBB usage on a slotmachine in my local pub. While the circumstances of the usage are debatable I think it might might be of interest . Watch it here:

If they want people to throw their money away in a BBB slot machine, at least consider donating some of that to the BF (who created the characters).

If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say they just assumed the BBB characters were public domain.

They’re under the Creative Commons license actually. Under the variant used by the BF, there’s little restriction as to their use as long as they are credited somewhere (which is why I said ‘consider’ as a donation is not required).

The copyright is mentioned almost properly (you’re supposed to add the website too) so technically speaking there’s no problem at all about re using part of the movie. This is just a weird sighting for a weird looking machine : What’s the point of making so much themes on a single machine ???

Double_Z: Exactly my thought! It was just weird when all of the sudden I saw this.
The point in having so much themes is simply deception.
For one: The same machine caters to a multitude oft target audiences. In the other hand a lot of the players truly believe, that the different games behave individually and therefore are willing to throw even more money at it.