BBC mini films challenge

BBC2’s Culture Show is running a competition over the summer; they want people to submit films of no more than 2minutes or less, the theme is British Cinema. The best films will be shown on the Culture Show over the summer.

You can find all the details here

You can see my new movie ‘London 1964’ here

So come on all you blender artist, show them what you can do. The work doesn’t have to be mind blowing amazing, just take a look at some of the other films submitted and you don’t have to necessary be from the UK.

It would be most appreciated if you could give my film a view and a vote (no signing in or registering needed) so we can get some Blender work on to British TV, Cheers!


this is a very nice piece of work, espeically the music!

the only crits i have are about the animation, some of seems a little unnatuaral and stiff i.e. the camera circling, the running (seems odd, not stiff). but for two weeks this is extremley good!.

did you do all the modeling aswell in two weeks? the models all look well made and solid.

congrats on completing it, i rated it 5 starts or whatever the highest score was :slight_smile:

Nice job! 5 out of 5 :slight_smile:

What are examples of typical british films? That would given an idea about the style for the contest.

Daniel, Durand and everyone else who’s voted
Thanking you!
OK first thing; yer the animation in some places is a bit jerky but I put that down to rushing and I’m still not %100 with all the animation variables.

As for the models and textures, about %70 of it is new, the rest come from my archive of blends and textures I’ve built up over time.

Examples? Well you could just visit here where it explains everything you need to know but in short, any film that was made in the UK since the beginning of time; the Italian job, the man in the white suit, oh lucky man, James bond, four weddings and so on

Great work!
Camera movements, scenes even details are great, only crit is that the characters are a bit stiff but even that’s ok…
Overall I like it!

Nice work Skip! I love the city scape, it looks great. Love those old cars, top stuff. You put this movie together in just 2 weeks, which is incredible! You must of have a huge number of Blender models you made over the years. Excellent work!

Only thing to note, run cycle a little stiff. To improve it don’t forget to rotate hips. For example, when left foot is forward, in top view rotate hips to the left ( about 10 degrees) and lower them a bit in side view. Also at the sametime you have to rotate chest 10 degrees the opposite way, in this example rotate chest to the right.

Good luck with the competition! :slight_smile:

The culture of British films??? Hmmm…next time my wife takes a nap, I’ll dig out my camera. I’ll try to catch her snoring. :slight_smile:

<<<dons asbestos jacket>>>

Nice, the town and scenery are very well done, however the motions are a bit stiff.
Good job :D!

the environments are excellent.

would have liked to have seen more attention paid to light/shadow/materials, especially on the vehicles, which were starting to look a like plastic toys.

the animation needs some work but as you put the whole thing together in two weeks it’s really quite impressive.

looking forward to seeing more work from you.
and once again, the environments are spot on.

just to let you all know, the BBC loved my movie and will be screening it this Saturday 23rd June, BBC2 The Culture Show around 7 to 8pm, HURRAH!