bbc's space series. Excellent particle animations.

Just found this on google video, enjoy.

Part one:

Part two:

Part three:

Part four:

Part five:

Part six:

Perfect post.

Thanks alot. This made my day.

Very interesting! Thanks!


That was some really cool effects, and the integration with video made it seem so much more realistic. Of course, there was the typical lack of scientific evidence for many of the claims presented as facts, especially with regard to the beginning of life/transition from microbes on a comet to animals. At least they don’t have the gall to teach what they used to–that the water eroding the rocks resulted in living cells. Oh well, good effects though.

“The universe is awesome using the origional version, the meaning of the word awesome, yeah? Not the new one which is sort of socks and hotdogs.” --Eddie Izzard

Sam Neill is a good actor. This reminds me of the Cosmos series that Carl Sagan did.

I think it’s weird how humble science is (not that it should be boastful) about our place in the universe. We always live “in the little corner” or some “obscure, remote place.” It’s the universe… name one place that isn’t remote and obscure.