BC Contest - Traditional Kerala house

Started off well cuz I’m on vacation. Then my laziness along with other factors pushed it to god knows where. :stuck_out_tongue: Problem is I have to leave town tomorrow and I’d have at most a day or so to add final touches to it.

I’ll give a bit of a background because the context might be unfamiliar to most people here I guess. I’m from Kerala, a southern state of India. The architectural space represented is a traditional Kerala house. The idea/story that I’m trying to portray is this - Due to globalisation and urbanisation and whatnot, the people of my state have begun moving away to “urban” locations, modern, placeless houses. Most of these traditional houses are located in semi-urban/rural locations. The right side of an image depicts that setting doesn’t matter - if you have, say, a computer, you can work wonders no matter what your background or setting and a supposedly rural background shouldn’t hold you back.

TL;DR - forget the story, focus on the image! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I’m aware of the lack of material on the windows and the cloth going through the chair. And sorry the render is so noisy, I wanted to put something up quickly for comments on theme/style/colours/lighting etc.

Thank you!