BC Rich Draco

Looking for some constructive criticism on my Draco as I am making it. This is one of my first models so don’t expect too much. You can download my model below.

Draco_body_finished.blend (261 KB)


You could begin by explaining what it is supposed to be? It looks like a cross between some kind of blade and an abstract flame? The shape of (whatever this is) looks good but there are a few problems with the edgeflow. To begin with there a far too many triangles for it to be subsurfed, did you use a booleon modifier? Try going to Mesh->Faces->Tri to quad and see if you can remove some of them.

If I am to be honest, there really is not that much to comment on… It’s a shape… a nice one…? yes.

This, if I am correct, is the body of an electric guitar. As for the shape, it is pretty much accurate to real life, but the mesh cleanliness leaves something to be desired. Are you planning to do the entire guitar?

Yes I do plan on doing the entire guitar. I am quite new to blender and am looking for advice. The body needs to be cleaned up but I don’t know how to go about it or if I should just restart. Any responses are appreciated.

You might want to just retopologize it…but that’s up to you.

Actually I haven’t worked on this for some time now and don’t plan to. I will probably do another BC Rich guitar sometime in the future, but for now I have decided that I don’t know much about blender. I have recently decided to do an extensive amount of experimentation to try and learn the many functions of blender. So far this has proven to be the right thing for me to do.