BC Robot

Here is my robot that I did for the BC competition.

I think its pretty much done (though I may tweak a few thing before the deadline) :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think, and enjoy :slight_smile:

That’s pretty cool, you did a great job. I just started in blender a week ago… So, I have a long way to go until I can do something like this.

Very detailed!! Totally loved the lighting and pose of robot.
The background is a bit confusing though.

These robot should have his own animation. Totally love this when I open this page.

Already said this but AWESOME! What is it with this forum letting the quality unique render sink to the bottom and commenting whole pages on generic car renders that are uploaded every week? :no:

Great Model. this could be one of the villians in a modern remake of Megaman :-). The manhole cover is a good idea to give the scene an idea for the dimensions, but i would also like to see something like a Street Lamp or a Mailbox. Something to see how deep the water is, because right now i am not sure if parts of the “feet” are hidden in the water or if the feet are close to the ground and nothing hidden.
I wish you good luck for the contest :slight_smile:

Oh and i also want to mention that the wet look and the worn-out details on the metal are really well done

Thanks Guys :slight_smile:

@: cerfibar: Thanks, I’ll take that into consideration before posting it on Blender Cookie. :slight_smile:

Really nice job! Love the modeling, lighting, texturing and composition. Something’s looks off about the background though. I think because of the amount of DOF you have in combination with the undefined background and lighting, it just looks sort of odd. You might be able to fix this by toning down the DOF. And maybe giving the scene a better sense of scale by adding another street object. What you have is great though and I know the comp is almost over, so maybe just keep it in mind for future projects :slight_smile: Again, nice job.

I really like the texturing!!
Can you explain us, how you achieve this wet-looking effect on the robot?! That looks awesome!!!

I agree with fpsgod17, you did a great job on almost every aspect except background, it looks a bit confusing. Everything else looks very good, I like the style a lot :wink:

Damn thats awesome!

This looks excellent. I liked specialy the way you simulated the wet metal material. To the forum gallery!

Thanks guys, I’m glad you like it.

I’ll try and tone the background down before I post on BC. :slight_smile:

As promised here is the .blend: enjoy :slight_smile: and fell free too ask any questions at all :smiley:

This looks great! The wires in the neck look a little odd, but that is just a minor thing. I really like the overall wetness of the scene (complete with condensation inside the canister).
Keep up the good work.

The blendswap link doesn’t appear to be working… perhaps it’s still waiting to be approved by the mods? I really love what you did with this render, all the colors and effects are pure sugar to my eyes. Really curious to see the node setup for that groundplane. Truly great job mate!

Love the materials (and modeling, of course). Amazing details!
But why did you upload it to CGsociety and download that image again to upload it to blenderartists?