BCML the blender community materials lib! (updated: a link)

Check it out! :eek:

what do you people think of the idea?
Vitaly can host the Lib on his page for download, after all its blender resources site witch you can find here: made2destroy.net
allso ive started a thread there were you can submit your own created materials for this project: BCML

I’d like to see a library of high-end pre-programed node based shaders included with every release.

well my idea is to start a whole community project so that if someone has greated an good/useful material in blender then he/she can submit it in the made2destroy.net forum into the thread ive started there, then ill add them all into one library witch will be hosted at that site! for the greation ill use the Blender Library script! (witch i love alot allready, tho ive had it for only a week or so!)

If you’ll do it, it will be great. We’ve discussed the creation of such a joined file for the library before, but until now nobody did it. bye.

I think this is a great idea too!

I think all existing material libs should be included first. The resources I know of:

Blender Texture Disc
Blender Materials Library
Sonix Car Material Lib
Materials Thread Here
Blender Materials

Most of these are old and don’t use things like ramps or nodes, but they are a great start!

thanks alot! i know of some of those things/places/links but had forgot :o, so thanks again!

umm… there are some changes to come to the made2destroy.net… so yeah you might not get into the forum right now…

I don’t know were to submit the materials, so here is one.



i will be encorporating that into the site

Check it out!

Loving the site redesign, VERY sleek! :slight_smile:

thanks for the comment LOTRJ

there are still small problems with it…

The preview pics of the materials are squashed. Can you just resize the pictures so that they are not squashed or stretched?

that can easely be fixed, and plus i dont think its that stretched to couze any major problem in its look

I know it can be easily fixed. I just wanted to point it out :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to see a library of high-end pre-programed node based shaders included with every release.

Quoted in agreement.


Probably, not going to happen, at least not directly bundled with blender, but maybe as a standalone DL. For blender releases smaller is better since its primary distrabution is via DL.

sorry to disapoint you guys but www.blenderheads.com has absolutely no ties to the blender foundation, meaning we cant influance anyone to actualy do something from the foundation

WHAT WE CAN do thou is collect a large resource and then program some sort of python script that would fetch all these things from the websites database at any given time from within blender, but for that to happen we first need some content