Bconf link-up: who's comming? what for?

So as usual the Bconf is getting nearer, the schedule puts everybody in front of a dilemma: choosing where to go to… and what to miss.
As usual there’s times in the schedule I’ll have to tear myself in two to stay at one place (workshops are interesting, but sometimes I’d like to go to workshops and sessions).

I guess we’ll get the video feed after the sessions online (hopefully) so that we still can see the sessions that we miss.

Oh, and as usual, if the wifi works well a lot of us will be online commenting on IRC through #blenderchat.

But it would be nice to also use this convention to network businesses that use Blender in their pipeline, or just to meet people that share the enthousiasm to use Blender in a professional environment. Or just to know who’s who :slight_smile:

So please if you want to get even more out of the Bconf: introduce yourselves in this thread if you’re comming, add your area of interests and what you would like to discuss during the conference, a bit like this:

Name: Govert (Paul) Combée
Nickname (IRC): Hoxolotl
Business: Co-worker PR at TigerStop BV, and boss at Catnip Games
Interested in: Using blender UV’s, Normal maps, Game Engine, Verse and Shaders
Would like to talk about: Pipelines you are using involving Blender.

Ok I’ll add my name to the list. I’m an american anthropologist whose been using blender for both production work and as an educational tool for a while. I’ll be helping to shoot video of the conference proceedings, so should anyone have any interest in speaking on tape to the rest of the community just shoot me a message or grab me during the conference. Also, I’m already in Amsterdam at the moment so should anyone be interested in meeting up prior to the conference, I’d be up for it.

Name: Benjamin Hodges
Nickname: on
Business: PhD Anthropology/Cultural Studies, www.tablechairwall.com
Interested in: Studying the community around blender and incorporating blender into university education, particular interest in compositing live action/animation

Ooh, we definitely have to talk Benjamin :slight_smile: My talk on Sunday will be very community-oriented.

Name: Roel Spruit
Nickname: Goofster
Business: Web Development / Community Management
Interested in: Social aspects of the Blender community (which is what my talk will focus on) and all kinds of different ways to use Blender.

Hi, my talk is on Sunday as well. I will be at the Blender conference on Saturday and Sunday and hope to meet people who are interested to work for us as freelancers in future projects.
In online galleries like the one at blender.org I can see that there are lots of very talented artists using Blender, but nice images doesn’t say much about how fast people can work and how they react if they have to work under pressure. So it’s always better to meet them in person before hiring them.

Name: Falk Buettner
Nickname: luminansky
Business: vfx supervisor
Interested in: meeting Blender artists in person and evaluate if we can include them into our freelancer database for future projects.

Name: Sebastian König
BA-Nickname: stulliDPB
Business: Freelancer (Animation / Design), lecturer
Interested in: using blender for architectural visualisation, compositing/lightning/rendering, teaching and using blender at school/university

Well… I live in Finland. I don’t really know why I’m coming, I guess I could learn something new. I think it’s just that it’d be nice to see some of the people I talk to almost every day on #blenderchat, and sometimes #blendercoders. A fellow finn had booked a twin hotel room (with two beds) so I thought it would be a good idea to split the cost, and asked if it was ok to share the hotel room. And so we did.

Name: Petri Rantanen
Nickname (IRC): Falgor
Business: None (random graphics freelance), student in 3d-animation and design
Interested in: Getting more people interested in Blender, so it would increase Blender usage as a tool in the industry.
Would like to talk abou
t: Well, chat with people generally. And about Blender, fixing the areas of Blender that are not on the same level as the other areas: lights, uv-editing (loops, etc),
IPO-editor (animation tools).