Be amazed


Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!
This would have to be an example of embedding code into a jpeg.
now no-one is safe.

That’s not necessarily code inside of a jpeg. It could be that they have their server set to parse PHP code in files with the extension .jpg and they’ve changed the mime type on .jpg files so .jpg files are really scripted webpages instead of images on their servers. If that’s the case, then they’re just running a PHP script (or similar) that generates an image on the fly and serves that back to you as a result. As far as I understand it, all of that is possible with Apache server.

It got my ISP wrong.

Both IP and ISP are wrong.

And if you’re really keen on your anonymity on teh intarweb:

  1. don’t participate in online communities (including, but not limited to forums and social networks)
  2. if you must use the interweb despite 1), use Tor wherever possible.
  3. goto 1)


he he,
4) Set up an old computer for online use.
5) Decent firewall, Anti-Virus, Spyware remover.

I have not had a virus or had to reboot my work comp since I removed internet access.

Thanks for the link jesterKing.

Yeah, it got My ISP wrong also.

Note: I can’t see your Info, you are just seeing your info.

So your still safe…maybe…

So it knows my IP and reads the browser header! Big DEAL where is the threat in that? Oh I forgot most people actually believe they are anonymouse on the net. Guess again.
This is actually possible with any script language that is capable of interacting with your webbrowser. It is how the IP Protocol works and the the browser can be read from what ever your browser is sending in its header which isn’t always acurate. Netscape 4 tstststs

Old. But nice to see it recognizes my browser (Chrome) :slight_smile:

looks like it can’t deal with a masked ip…I can’t see anything from work! :frowning:

However it “discovered” my home ip, isp, OS and browser…