Be back soon

(Green) #1

Ive moved away from home…
…still havto learn how the washing machine works :slight_smile:
To… a student apartment… These people sure like to blast loud music at nights :slight_smile:

No internut yet :(. Havto get a username and password before they allow me onto the network. Will probibly get that this or next week. Sitting in a nice library right next to the ocean now. This town is great and really beutiful, the school is right on a pier 2 meters from the water. (im in Karlshamn in blekinge, for those that dont know swedish geography its in the left of the horisontal coast line thats in the lower right part of sweden, bit of a small town as there is only 20000 people living here)

The teachers seam really great. Actuall proffesional’s. One who used to work as a stuntman and special effects creator and another that worked with maya on movies such as dina(that scandinavian/norwegan thingie with the fat french actor).

But since they only got the computer we are going to use today (2.2gig intel. 512Mb geforce4 with 128Mb texture mem) we havent been doing much actuall 3d stuff (yet). Mostly group work on how the webpage is going to look and things like that.

Looking through elysiun now, and things seam to be the same. the money meter seams to go really well, wont be long now… yay!!! :slight_smile:

So… il be back soon.
(well. I will probibly be able to check elysiun a few days a week untill I get internet)

(sten) #2

hey Green…

I know where it is…

well, good luck to all your things !!

du vet att jag är lite avundsjuk :stuck_out_tongue:

(hannibar) #3

sounds sweet…
Im jealous :smiley:

(0ptikz) #4

Hey Green,

This sounds great, I wish you the best of luck in yer new home :stuck_out_tongue:

(Timothy) #5


(cree) #6

I finished school almost two years ago, and was glad to finish, but now I wish I was back in school again, especially if I could study animation or video and film production. Good luck

(S68) #7

Good luck!

See you soon :slight_smile: