Be Happy, if Blender is your only 3d App

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I was searching for texturing tips on Google Groups and ran across this old thread-

-They paid thousands of dollars and still are not satisfied?

Why investigate the 3d world around you?
A- You see what others with similar interest are up to
B- Other 3D software tools have been around and used allot longer than Blender
C-You can learn from others successes and failures
D-If we want to keep Blender alive, use it for relevant 3d work and show the 3d world that Blender can do, maybe
faster than the other app or do quality 3d work with less hardware resources-(You have to be aware of with other
3d software users think and do to accomplish this
E- How do we keep up to date with the 3d world ? The web is the best place and groups like this and ,max groups ,
maya groups, lightwave groups, etc. Don’t just focus on Blender Groups.

Maybe Nan would have succeeded if they just focused on what they did good, make Blender a good 3d software. Then
continue to gather Blender supporters and create innovative Blender derived software tools not a clone of a web 3d
software solution. If you investigate, there are many web 3d software solutions. But there is only one Unique 3d
software called Blender.
And it’s really unique users us Blender Heads.
Nan was prospering with their first method, not billionaires bet moving toward greater things. But now…
“Better to have some eggs in the basket than none”?

Well the Blender ideals hatched allot of good eggs despite what happened and who knows what will become of all us


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Just select all of the html text with your mouse and drop it in your brower to get to the Google Group link.

Man I hate that. My browser messed up the post that I submitted.


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Just fixed the link :slight_smile: Interesting thread…