Be nice to's my first script.

This is my first script in python (in any language in fact).

I realise I need to go back and learn python itself before much of the stuff in the game reference makes sense, particularly the unbolded text in the Python method section e.g. char* propname getWhatever

however…in the mean time I’m going to be lazy and just ASK!

heres’ the script

import GameLogic




PointNo = Point



the full blend file is at


Follow Marker.blend

I’m trying to get a dynamic object (owner of the script) to track to a marker, then when spacebar is hit track to the next marker in the sequence. ie Marker2, Marker3 etc… (these are the name of the objects).

Track1 is the name of the actuator.

i’m having a probem at


I want the dynamic object to track to the object called Marker2 (2 being the value of the dynamic object’s property PointNo) but I need PointNo as a str not an int.

ie I want the equivilent of


(BTW when I manually enter the obove text I get a runtime error even though I have an objecrt with the name “Marker 2”).

How do I make the int PointNo a str? You can see that i tried to do it with


PointNo = Point

but that didn’t work…

I realise this is a python syntax thing that I could work out if i surfed long enough but c’mon, it’s my first script…be nice to me.

#this might work

Name = "Marker" + PointNo

act = contr.getActuator("Track1")



“Marker” + str(PointNo)

str() is the function you’re looking for

Thanks for that guys…it was partly a 2.34 bug too!

I used GameLogic.addActiveActuator(act,1)



which worked very nicely

unfortunately the setOject for tracking seems to cause a runtime error in 2.34 but not 2.25 (?)