Beach Cliff (E-Cycles)

Another quite quick sketch to test E-Cycles in an outdoor setting. I am quite impressed. Render time for this scene (6.5 mio. vertices) on a single Vega64 was just 36 seconds(!) with preset ‘fast’
Thanks for your awesome work @bliblubli
Can’t wait to see the next improvements!


Great work. I love the transition between both materials. can you share how did you approach that?

Hey Joni!
Of course i can share my approach.
For the cliffs i used Gaea, which is a terrain generator, that also has a free community version (limited to 1k export size). It can export distribution maps based on angle, normals, slope, etc.
I used these for masking out and mix-shade of two principled texture setups in one material. You could as well use Blender to get similar results for masks (AO Output, Pointiness, Normal, Position from the Geometry Node).
If you are note quite sure, what i try to describe, i can send you a screenshot of the setup.