Beach Cottage

I haven’t posted any work in forever, but I have a finished beach cottage I thought I would share. It needs more samples, but 1500 took be 8 hours to render, so this is what it will stay unless I get a new computer some day.

Well Done!
The house and the bushes looks just great. the sand looks a little bit fake for some reason. The sea doesn’t look connected to the scene, It looks like you added a fake water with photoshop.
No offence, just giving you tips for the next time. Good luck!

Looks great, but same critics as eyalmu
Keep up the good work

I have fiddled and fiddled with this water and tried every single material I can possibly think of. I even went out and found some professional ocean materials that didn’t work. I ended up on this one, basically the material used for the glass on windows with the translucent shader turned a slight blue with an ocean floor underneath and it’s the best I can come up with. So, how about this new one?