Beach house interior

Hey guys, I’m fairly new at blender and this is my first interior scene so any helpful points would be great. Also I’m still figuring out textures and so fourth. I learned how to do the floor based on a tutorial and am trying to apply everything I’ve learned. The rug is just for placeholder. I tried creating one but am having difficulty with that as well. Everything has a dingy cast which I’m really not too keen on. I was going for an almost sunset quality but not sure I’m hitting that exactly. All the models I’ve created myself so if you see any glaring errors there let me know. Thanks guys for any input at all!

Oh, good job thus far (ignoring the placeholder). Also, is this cycles? Which render engine are you using?

I’m just going to casually critique / say what first comes to mind:

  1. The lights are on?
  2. Cloudy sky would make the light less warm. Well, for me, it looks like the clouds are blocking the sun where the light enters the window. The shadows would be at a different angle if it pierced through where the clouds aren’t. (Again, I could be wrong, just something I find weird looking at the picture on my first glimpse).
  3. The bar stools look a bit weird. The backs are really short and the cushions look like solid rock instead of cushion.
  4. Got a weird deflated pillow thing on the odd-looking red pillow on the couch to the right.
  5. Good job on the walls, windows, tables, and overall layout of the picture.
  6. I like the flora you modeled.
  7. What are those three glass-plastic things? They look strange. (probably just because of the reflections of the clouds on the frosted glass, but that could be just me.)
  8. Couches look a bit hard.
  9. That triangle at the top (where the ceiling meets) is too much of a perfect triangle. It’s a very thin line. I’d think it look better if it were thicker. I’ll mark it with Microsoft Paint.
    Yeah that’s all i gotta say at first look. Looks like a solid scene. Good job.

Thanks patdngo!

Yes, I’m using cycles render.

  1. yeah the lights are supposed to be on but turned down low. I’m wondering if they aren’t transferring through the glass over them or something because there doesn’t seem to be reflections or anything. I’m not sure why there aren’t more indications, I may need to take a look at that.

  2. Yeah, I think your right, I might play with that some more and see what I can do. For some reason this image won’t even attempt to render on the fly so I may need to hide some models to trouble shoot the background.

  3. I actually like the stools the way they are designed, but I agree that the cushions need some tweaking. They are too uniform aren’t they. I’ll fix that too!

  4. Yeah those are two pillows. I probably need to make some adjustments to those as well. Actually that who chair is just placeholder. I was planning on making a wooden lounge chair. I don’t know if I like the colors of these sofas either. I think I will most likely change that as well.

  5. Thank you!

  6. Again thanks! I modeled the bonsai tree from scratch with the intention of using it in this pic. Its a bit low poly but I thought it worked well in the distance. The plant on the left I modeled in the usual way and the tree on the right I used the tree plug in.

  7. those are supposed to be glass candle holders. I had something similar at my house. I actually have them hidden in the render because they bog it down as to make the render take about 10 times longer. I dropped those in from photoshop. I had them rendered in a smaller past render. Cycles stalls on each one of them so I may try and reduce the polys or something. I just figured I needed something to break up the big wooden table in the foreground.

  8. Not sure what you mean hard. Are you talking material or the modeling? I will try and soften them up! :slight_smile:

  9. I wondered about that. I do have some 90 degree angles and things. I actually have some light shining through a few seems as well.

Thanks again for your critiques! I think that will help me out allot!

No problem.

As for the couch, I think it’s mostly materials. Andrew Price’s architecture academy speed-modeling couch looked fuzzy ( I’m no expert on modeling couches, but at first glimpse it looks like clay or cartoon-like.

Anyway, good luck. Look forward to seeing your final render. Happy blending.

I’m a newbie at blender too and also had issues with a “dingy cast” over my internal scene.
One thing that helped me was adding “Ambient Occlusion” which is found under the World settings.
I would be interested to see if that helps your lighting if you already haven’t tried it. In my case when I turned that on,
I had to lower the strength on my other lights + sky but it really helped.

Nice job so far, I’m liking the way this looks and agree with patdngo’s critique, he had a lot of good points.

Nice piece. How long have you been using Blender? And what did you use to learn? CG cookie? Youtube tutorials? Keep up the inspiring work

Turn the lights off, you have nice lighting as it is :smiley: Very cool, keep it up!

I like it :smiley: the most obvious thing is the plain material on the ceiling and walls, and the lack of some skirting between them.