Beach Scene

Hi, I’m relatively new to Blender and I am trying to create a simple, but realistic beach scene. My scene right now looks very flat and quite frankly, beginnerish, and I was hoping somebody might be able to show me how I can make this scene look real. All of your input is greatly appreciated.

Hi, welcome to blender !
If you could just post a picture of your work, it would be much easier for us to tell you what would help your improvings.

Here is the picture. I tried to post the actual .blend file, but it never posted for some reason.

I can’t seem to attach the .blend file, but I can e-mail it and have posted it at

Thanks for your help.

I would add a texture to the sand, my favorite method is to rip a picture off of google and apply it :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, there isn’t much of the grass shown at all, so alot of it is wasted. If you don’t plan on using it, save some verts and get rid of the unneccesary :slight_smile:

Also, with the sand, make a medium or gradient zone where the sand touches the water to make it appear the water is wetting the sand. Make the water reflective with a very sharp spec spot but not too reflective.

Also, what I do with grass, I cut out any part of the emitter that doesn’t show visible blades in the scene, good for saving polys.

Can I give an advice?

Don’t try to make a realistic anything. If you’re starting with 3d, just try to do something that you can look at and know what that is.

If you’re just starting and you’re going for realistic projects, you’ll get stuck and get frustrated.

I hope I’m not ofending anyone

this is not the forum (Forum Critique) for asking help, but to get critique on your artwork…think of this when you post next time…

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