Beach Scene...

So here’s what I came up with (not really what I was going for, but I was bored, eehh.) More of a concept than the finished work. I’m in need of a good HDRi map that suites the image good.


Hm, looks like a candidate for the new Sky/Atmosphere trinket for sun lamps :slight_smile:

The lighting setup is pretty interesting, I’ve got a sun, 2 hemisphere lamps, and 1 spotlight set to only shadow. Rendered with blender internal. Anyone got any ideas how to make the floor not look so CG? I have normal maps, but with the sun lamp they don’t show up that good.

You need a better texture. There was a post on blendernation some time ago,
where somebody had found an incredible amount of texture sites.
It would probably be a good thing to dig that up :cool:.

And make it a little specular perhaps?

I’ll check it out. How do you think the scene looks?

Well, at the current state of things it looks a little empty. I really like the look of the table, it has kind of a magical feel to it in
some way. Perhaps you should do some other objects in the same style as the table? The horizon seems way to close,
it looks like it is just a pool, and a wall behind it with some clouds painted on. The water material is a little weird too, is there a texture on that? Overall it really needs alot of work, but then again you said that it was mostly a layout version yourself

I hope that wasn’t too harsh :slight_smile:

I am adding a margarita to the table and a chair, hoping to add some sort of idea behind it. I don’t really have a plan, but… I was at the beach last week and decided I wanted to model the sea. Do you know of any good very hi res skymaps and HRDi images? (I mean like at least 2600 pixel skyboxes)

Here’s my latest progress for those of you who didn’t check my progress at cgsociety.


The sealine (horizon) looks way too high… like you’d be flooded if the horizon was up to that level.
Using the angles of the cracks between planks on your flooring as a perspective guide, you can work out roughly where the horizon should be.


The depends on a few things; one would be, what perspective view, the location (ocean, lake, out in the ocean, looking down at the ocean) and how low you are in relation to the ocean.

-[Killer]- is the boat tipping over into the ocean? If it isn’t the horizon is in the wrong place. I used the planks as vanishing line reference. Either you understand what this means or you don’t.

Maybe the boat is tipping over =P

:smiley: Hehe, can’t argue with that then.

What are you thinking of doing next on the scene? I was thinking you might want to place a rim light (lamp to create highlights) behind the bars about where the sun is. Are you going to add other things to the scene?

the table is abit too reflective, but it looks good that way. Maybe you should aply more reflection to the railing. very smooth and chilling atmosphere

I call it finished =)

You actually dared to post this on CGSociety!?

It looked like the ocean really needed some attention, harder specularity perhaps, higher frequency displacement, and maybe a huge floodlight to show off the ocean closer to the front. The boards bump map also looked too beveled from my brief look at it. The railing and table looks nice though.

idk what your talking about CD, I always post there… they are nice and helpfull and don’t reply with silly remarks like: " You actually dared to post this on CGSociety!?"

I swear Killer, you made me lol again. Why is this finished? Why don’t you work on it a little more? It looks terrible IMO :confused:

You know what… fuck off… your officially on my ignore list now… if you don’t like it just don’t comment, kay? Seriously get a fucking life noob.

You did it again!! :smiley: Entertainer of 2k9 mate!
Still, work on the lightening.