Beach Scene

Here is my latest Project. Its pretty much my first nature scene. Some CnC would be great. I watched Andrew prices Speed modelling a Grassy Meadow and copied some of the nodes but the rest is all me. I know the sand looks pretty rough, I tried different settings but that’s the best I could get it. its just a Sand texture with a displacement modifier at 0.010 strength and 5 subdivisions. I tried everything between 1 and 9 subd and strength between 0.004 and 0.020. does anyone else now of a better way? Also how does the lighting look?

Oh and hears my ref picture


You could use another sand texture as a normal map, in addition to the settings you currently have. It looks great as you have it now, just need a few details.

Thanks for the comment Morichalion.

I added a few things, some rocks, little bit of grass, some sea shells and another bump map


Geez it sure is hard to get some Help/comments, especially because someone can post a cube and get 1,000 views and a couple 100 comments…

I don’t like the composition very much. It doesn’t really seem to emphasize any element in particular and so the sun steals a lot of the focus which I think you want to avoid.
The shadows on the sand look really hard too. Some warm light coming from the ground/ behind the camera would help or you could add SSS to the sand maybe.

The only crit I can provide is still about the sand.
Maybe another color map on the sand?
Maybe with this texture?

As it is now, it’s a pleasing image. Maybe folks looking at it are having a hard time finding something to complain about.

If you’re unhappy with it, add new features to it. Maybe a volleyball net in the distance. Maybe a barbecue pit. With raptors barbecuing humans.

Maybe tell us what you’re frustrated with it?

beach??? it looks like desert!
make ocean closer and make it water-color, not orange

Thanks for the comments all. Iv’e been looking at my image and now I realize how plain it is, and how the sun steals focus like you said Consideringthepickle.

So what if I did something more like this?

I could keep the layout I have now but add some chairs, tables. I can try to do some palm trees. And brighten it up some.

picture looks very nice. you should just give it a try!
i think the sand and so on will look better with some more things on it :wink: