Beamed energy propulsion (lasers putting spacecraft in orbit), to soon be reality?

And the whole concept is based on real hardware and real science, in other words, a decent chunk of the technology is already here, and is also proven to be possible according to the link below about a test by NASA.

According to the article and the second link, this may not be a fantasy that will take decades to have visible results in spacecraft technology.

Knowing NASA, it will be a long time before this technology is in use. (You could give NASA a “build-it-yourself next-generation space shuttle kit” with all parts and instructions included and they’d probably never put it together. Then they’d lose it.) Hopefully someone else will take up the slack and try to build this.

Thanks Plantperson - it’s always good to learn that some moderators are also quite scientically minded at times to lend an opinion on the matter of space technology. Have a great day!

This is kind of old news, at least as “domestic news”.
Here you can find more material:
I’m not sure the quality of the English translation though.

Over here, most of the aerospace technology developed by either civilian or military research centers is transferred to companies very fast. That is how, as an example, Embraer was constructed, or other local high-tech companies like ATech(avionics) or Mectron (missile house).

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