Beams instead of bullets

hey is there anyway to shoot a beam instead of a bullet? I was just playing (owning ;)) my friend at halo 3 with the spartan laser and the question popped up. I’ve been trying but i cant get it to work

as in a long bullet or a solid beam from your gun to the target? sorry haven’t played Halo that much.

shoot a bullet and use the add object actuator, for a cool particle effect.

A solid beam, and can you explain your idea a bit more black hawk?

so like the sentinel beam? well that can be done with a scale ipo.
a cylinder with a cool looking halo texture. scaled along the y axis.
(kinda hard to explain :spin: )

but if you wanted something like a carbine try this link :eyebrowlift:

thanks dude

you could have the beam always there(but invisible) and when the sensor sends a signal, then beam = visible

to set it up:
have two keyboard sensors set as the same keys, the first should not have true or false triggering on and the second should have true triggering and should have inv ticked

the first should be hooked up to a visible actuator and the second to an invisible actuator

and for damage, first keyboard sensor and collision between beam and object = true, then subtract from objects health

The tricky part would be getting the beam to end where it hits a mesh. My guess would be to use a combination of blackhawk’s idea and mack’s idea. Have the beam always there (invisible), and then when you click, it appears. Use your shooting ray sensor to get the distance between the beam’s source and the object, and scale the beam accordingly. Unfortunateley, I think this would require python. But its a fairly simple script.

For controlling the distance of the beam, you could use a property IPO where the frame = the length of the beam. Than just find the distance to the place the ray hit, and set the property.