Bear Character Sculpt

Working on a bear character.
I appreciate your feedback thanks.


Looks really good so far, are you planning on doing retopology or are you going to up the resolution and leave it as a high-res sculpt?

Thanks! Yeah I probably should have mentioned my goals but I am planning to retpologize it an animate it.

Sounds good, I’m looking forward to seeing it! I could imagine him tucking into a big bowl of porridge

Retopology progress - this is my first time retopologizing a sculpt

Looks amazing! Can’t wait to see more!

Really? Thanks I appreciate the feedback. I am planning to put a nightgown on him and have him hold a candle. He’ll be a sleepy bear haha.

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Almost done with retopologizing the bear. It was a very repetitive and time consuming process. I just realized I could I have done it with less edge loops and put a subsurface modifier on it and it would have captured the forms I was trying to get.

Okay I finished retopologizing I am making him have a nightgown and holding a candle so I was kind of blocking out that idea and putting placeholder objects. I also started texture painting a bit.

I realized he looks pretty generic looking. Maybe it’s the textures? Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Character design is hard work. Don’t expect it to look perfect after a few days of work. It takes time! You’re doing great.

There’s a lot that’s up to personal style. Like do you want a fuzzy bear or a cartoony smooth bear? Do you want a cute low poly style or an interesting high poly style? Here are some recommendations in case you want some help:

  1. Realistic fabric texture with some subtle scraggly fuzzy
  2. Emissive flame material
  3. Smooth shading on the candle
  4. For cartoony eyes, make them objects for clean boundaries & sharp shapes
  5. Use a texture when you texture paint
  6. Model details on the clothing like buttons, button holes, seams (seams can be textured or modeled)
  7. Teeth
  8. If the hair is cartoony, maybe model or texture paint a couple tufts
  9. Smooth out the edge of the night gown somehow (you could bevel, subdivide, or model it as a separate vertex group or object)
  10. Toenails? Depending on your artistic style
  11. Texture the candle
  12. Simple placeholder environment like a backdrop for showing off your model. Takes a couple minutes to model, but it’ll make the scene feel more complete. You can always add a detailed environment later.
  13. Add more detail to the hat like a bottom fold and wrinkles
  14. Is it rigged yet? A cool pose would make it look more interesting
  15. Night time lighting. Maybe cool-white light from a moonlit window and a warm glow from the candle illuminating the scene
  16. Create interesting composition with a sweet camera angle and maybe some rule of thirds or something.

Sometimes stopping modeling for a bit & making a checklist on all the things you want to change helps the project better match your vision. Keep it up! :+1:

Wow thank you for such thoughtful feedback! This is extremely helpful to me, I appreciate the in-depth guidance.

I will address most of your points here and post back when it has improved.

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Hey @pepperbot, I just figured out a way to get clean edges on shapes for texture paint. I made a triangle in pages, then used it as a stencil for texture paint. I think you could do the same technique for the eyes on your bear.

Alright so here is some progress on my bear. I just started the process of rigging. I used an image to texture paint.