Bear hanging with rope (Remake)

Hi people I made a remake of my bear that i did using Hexagon 2 3d Coat and Carrara 6
I bring everything to blender 2.5 and start adding some fur
The model have normal maps and displace maps
I also play with the new indirect light feature in 2.5

Hope you liked

Here is my original version


W0w that is very realistic! If you don’t mind my asking, what idea are you trying to express with the image?

The bear represent a person floating in the sky closer to heaven but is still caring a basket full of sin tie up to a leg.
lol that the idea
my English is not to good but I hope you undestand.

Here is the Highres version of the image

Yeah I get it…very interesting :slight_smile: That makes this a true piece of art, it has meaning.

Happy Blending :smiley:

Brilliant work. The folds/stretching in the fabric is really well done.

Thanks Ben and Robo3Dguy :smiley:

WOW, that is very good! :eek:

Great work! The bear is extremely realistic, plus I love the way the crease/folds on its head make it look almost as if it’s frowning!

Great work indeed. Well well done. !!!

i love it!!! closeup details are top notch!!

Fabulous …

Great piece of art. Very well done, with superb attention to detail.

I like it!

Impressive piece of work.

Absolutely amazing!!! Pure awesomeness! With all the details on it … ah … perfect! Two little questions:

  1. Did u made the skulls with the blender sculpting tool?
  2. Is it possible to see the light setup? I’m really interested in how u used the indirect lighting feature!

Keep up your fantastic work!


Very good job, the rendering and modeling are superb. I especially like the rope, with all the little hairs.

the material on the teddy bear is wonderfull

That’s incredible! The folds on the bear make it look amazing, and the idea you put into this makes it a true piece of art :smiley: nice job !

:lol: excellent a like your bear.

I like execution and idea! Blender render seems improved comparing to previous piece. And it has that “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani” feeling (.My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me) :slight_smile:

did U use blender just for fur ???!!?? :S