There’s going to be a local youth “quiz night” in about three weeks. I volunteered to make them some graphics for intermission etc and asked what the theme is. They said they have no theme, but money raised on the night will be put towards a youth camp. They would like a character to hold up signs for “right answer”, “wrong answer” (possible variations) and various notices.

I figured a bear character would be good for a “camping” theme. So far I have made a base model…

Will be wanting to improve detail, texture, add fur, rig (to pose - probably not enough time for animation cycles) etc.


Nice bear model, reminds me a little of the bear from the animation I saw I few years back that I can’t remeber the name of big animated computer generated cartoon with a dear in it also.

It will be good to see how it looks when its been textured and the like.

I think you’re thinking of Open Season. He does look a little bit like that bear. Good job.


Yep Open Season thats the one :slight_smile:

Thank you both :slight_smile:

Boog from Open Season is an inspiration, although I’m not wanting to make a clone… the real Boog is a very tidy result of a lot of character development and refinement, which I don’t have the time to go into. Normally I would make lots of sketched puzzling over different “looks” but on this occasion, I only drew up a quickie as a background to model over…

I forgot to post a wire before…

I’m wondering if it’s better to move the chin up for weight painting on large characters like this or whether straight forward is best. Thinking about moth details, maybe make toe claws a bit less Wolverine etc.

Excellent !! Reminds me of Tex Avery’s bears. Hope you’ll animate it.

Thank you. :eyebrowlift: I may not animate it for the actual purpose due to deadlines, but certainly it will be animation ready in terms of rigging so that I can at least pose it for some stills.

Have been out a lot today, though here’s a tad bit o’ weight painting…

Until now I had no idea that you can weight paint with a mirror modifier left on… and alter edgeloops at the same time! This opens a whole can’o’easiness on making tricky “fat” characters like this one (being able to test and alter deformations while weight painting all while still modeling in mirror mode… that’s totally nuts!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :yes: Yayy Blender!