New work made in Blender. A lot photoshop in composition

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Nice Modeling!

nice work, i am scared because i am not sure if that guy is smiling, because he has just eaten someone
OR he is smiling because he is going to eat me.

Excellent, nice materials and texturing is it rendered in BI?

Creepy, yet beautiful at the same time, I could really see him as a creature that would want to devour you the moment he sees you.

The texturing and shading in general is very well done (being near the quality you would expect from a Hollywood movie). Just goes to show how far Blender has come in terms of the quality you can get from it. (which I may inquire to ask, did you use BI or Cycles?)

Awesome result man !! pretty well done

Very well done ! What a strange “furby” haha :slight_smile: Nice post prod too.

hahaha Ookka excatly, at first i wanted give him this one name ,furby". Finally render is result combined few render passes made from BI and mixed by photoshop, i also add smoke and any skin facture.
Thanks Every one
here is some sketches and so on

Lovely character design

thank You very much
it is one of the stage

Amazing work, love it!

Cool sculpt! Fabulous final render and colors schemes. :slight_smile:
Congrats - I think is worth top rowing.

Thanks for opinion.
It is very kind of You Alin B i don’t think so that my work will be there but we will see :wink:

Great work as I mentioned before :slight_smile:

It is good to see more great work from you, aeron! Your images always have a very pleasing, polished look to them; they remind me of high quality conceptual sketches produced for films, because of their often unusual subjects and cinematic presentation. This work is no exception, very well done! All the elements are working together to create a striking and memorable composition. 5 stars!

dziekuje bardzo :wink:

James Candy
I Like Your exhaustive analys, i hope that my next work will be better :wink:

Nice work !
No zbrushing for this?

Nice sculpt !

Thanks Taito :wink:
base mesh and sculpt- bender
retopo and detail- zbrush
texture, render- blender

Thanks aeron, z remesher results are obvious.
So, if fine details in zb, how did you export them? By baking normal maps? If so, well, I need some help because I keep having wrong tangent space from zb. I tried to flip G of rgb, but I can’t handle the image as it comes as flipped vertically. Easy to fix it on a displ map but on a normal map it results to wrong normal space.