'Beast from Haunted Planet' Concept SciFi Trailer

This is a concept movie trailer I put together for an animation contest. I used Blender for the 3D graphics, Terragen for the planet backgrounds, After Effects to composite everything together, and Premiere Pro for editing. Eventually I’ll put a higher resolution version on my website (www.teaselfilms.com). For now, a low resolution version can be seen on youtube.com:

The music is an original composition from Kyle Wheeler:


Nice looks really cool!! Maby you should add some more details on the space ship.

The space-ship looks kind of… ‘spays chip’-ey. Not very detailed considering what you’re going for, here, and the ‘cone shape with a nozzle on the back’, while nostalgic, isn’t designed for landing, either.

I like the ship and the campy look to the whole thing Good job.How long did that take? take a look at this its one of my first ever blender animations from a few years back. that ship looks familiar.
If you want the image above gone from your thead pm me;) .

Looks good so far, glad you’re using Blender, if this is supposed to be an full independent movie project to be seen by many people then it can only bring more publicity for Blender.

Thanks for the replies.

This was my first attempt at integrating 3D graphics with live action. I spent 2 months putting the trailer together. I haven’t written the story for this movie project yet. My plan is to utilize props/concepts from 1950s sci fi movies…rockets, robots, lasers, etc. However the movie will be character driven instead of effects driven, so it’s not imperative that the props obey the laws of physics.