Beast(Hog style head)

Yo all,

Ive been working on this model for maybe a week or so on and off. I’m going to have him in either a animation or just a single render of him swinging a massive club.
Anyway I just wanted some comments on the head to see if I could improve on it. I’ll post up some more angles of him soon.

Nice work man!

You could take some time off to improve the area between the eyes though. It looks a bit dull as it is now. Maybe a ‘bigger’ forehead would do it? One which’d go down a bit more over the eyes.

The head looks fine except for the microscopic ears (give him bigger ears but not too big), but the chest needs some pecs! And some abs and serrattus anterior muscles (those fingery ones that are on top of your ribs) and your ab obliques. Or you could skip all the fancy shmancy abs and give him a beer belly and that jiggles and of course man boobs! That might be more entertaining.

I havent been working on his chest (yet) but giving him man boobs and beer belly might be better than the standard muscle bound monster. :smiley: I’ll think about it.

Head is looking good but I think you need somesort of thing to make him messier or something. He just looks to clean right now for a best. Maybe a chain or something, not sure what I would add but hes to perfect. I dont think man boobs and pot belly fit the face…maybe a fatter face would fit them but he seems more like a ripped character. Keep it up tho!