Beast of burden

Basically this is a first attempt at organic modeling. It’s going to have big wheels behind it and the legs might become cybernetic or perhaps entirely robotic. But that’s a back-up plan in case I just can’t get those legs to look right. I’ll cover the head with something because I don’t like it. Probably a big metal mindcontrolling bucket or something.

Also, for some reason the camera’s messed up. Whenever I hit num-0 I get to see the inside of my beastie and when I press alt-num0 or ctrl-alt-num0 (I forgot the proper key combination for placing a new camera) the body rotates by 90 degrees in the direction of my previous camera. So that’s why I can only post screens if you would wonder.

The engine.

The beast.

Help with the camera is appreciated and I’ll post some wires because they appear to be important for organic models.


And here’s the wire. I really don’t know anything about topography so help with that is appreciated as well.

And I apologise for the stupidly large screenshots, I’ll crop stuff from now on.

I like the head. It looks like a dinosaur or something. I say don’t cover it up. To fix your problem try this. Push N and look in the box. There are a RotX RotY RotZ. If those aren’t all 1 that could be your problem. Hit ctrl-a to apply the scale. It looks like the center isn’t in the center of the model. Hit F9 and click the “center new” button to move the center to a more central position of the model and in object mode move the model to the middle of your grid. It makes it neater and easier to keep track of everything. It’s also helpful to use the mirror modifier on stuff like this so you only have to do half the work.

I like the head too. I’ll be watching for the end of this one.

Just one thing for right now, try hitting set smooth on the eyes.

Ok, I’m still having probles with the camera (it appears to be connected to the center of the body, looking down along the z-axis). The whole scale thing didn’t do anything. All object centers are exactly in the center of the grid.

In any case, thanks for your replies, I might keep the head but I’m not too sure. I did some minor work on the rear legs, got a frame ready and am currently looking for a way to make some fancy leafsprings.

In any case, screenshots:

Mock-up for the wheels:

Oh, and yippey, just for you, I smoothed the eyes!

Thanks in advance for any help.