Beast Rewrite

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a rewrite of Beast (along with some other tools). The first phase is integrating Soft Body into Beast. To do this I need to set the Goal Vertex Group in the Soft Body settings using python. Does anyone know how to do this?


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Three cheers for Ezual!!!

(though I doubt that Soft Bodies ould already be exposed to Python…)

this is a great piece of news, i’m a big fan of beast!!

set weighting? thats easy but liek they said i don’t think that soft bodies is integrated intot he interface yet so it might be best to just make the weighted group so that a person could turn softbodies on,

mesh = Blender.Object.GetSelected()[0].getData()
vertList = []
for x in range(len(mesh.verts)):
    if x % 3 == 0:
mesh.assignVertsToGroup('SOFT', vertList, 1, 'add')

use your own method for integrating the weights and whatnot, hope this helps.


I’ve got that part down. It’s the part where you assign the group to the Soft Body settings that gets me. It should be something like:


Thanks for the help though


be patient they always code nearly every aspect into the API, but they have just intergrated part of the “Softbodies” unit as they are not finished with it yet :frowning:

just give them time :wink:

“when you dig up the past all you get is dirty” :wink:

No problem. ‘Digging’ through the API I’ve found a lot of great stuff to play with. I’m not complaining at all. The API is great!


This sounds good.
One thing I worry about with the softbodies, though, is the cards overlapping eachother because I don’t think an object can be a softbody and deflector at the same time. It will still be a good addition nevertheless. I look forward to it.

They do overlap, but the tests I did look promising though. I’ve still got a lot of experimenting to do. Getting the settings just right is pretty tough.

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I’m no coder, but just want to thank you for making Beast live again!

Wow ezual. Glad to see that you will keep Beast alive.

Great News can you post what you have done so other users can help it progress :smiley: :smiley:

Beast (I Think) originally died because they didn’t release it

“The world is an open source oyster”

Looking at the make human hair generator I’ve decided to put the rewrite of Beast on hold for a bit and re-evaluate it’s application as a hair generator as apposed to a more generalised object-on-surface duplication script. The make-human script looks great and I don’t want to waste time re-inventing the weel.

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decided to put the rewrite of Beast on hold for a bit

Hehe…, from bakgat to bang gat in one easy thread :smiley:


being that the people that made the soft body sections of the update said that its FAR from even completed and is just in its lightweight demo mode… and a good deal of code revisions are expected withthe next blender release… you might want to be carefull how you advance with this plan… reviving beast is alwyas fantastic… but keep in mind that the soft body area will be in a constant state of change the next several updates… i just dont want you to go through a load of work then have to rewrite the whole code because an update in blender changes the entire way that soft bodies work.

Thanks for the feedback. Given all this info I think I’ll continue with some of the other features of Beast such as the City Block Generator and other object duplication implementations.

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The Beast Site is up and running:

New release available soon

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Whooo! :slight_smile:

Great!!! Thanks.


What’s the link for the beast site??