Beast Test

A render I did today with Beast script for a test on an upcoming image.

The raytracing doesn’t pick up the texture image from the cards generated by Beast, but reflects the cards only. This is a huge issue, as you obviously do not want to see the cards in the reflection, but rather the actual grass.

I will post this over at the org site to see if anyone has any answers to this problem.


With such issue, this is not a Finished Project. BgDM

have to get an award art section

Don’t know why, i’m feeling bitch today. Sorry.

For you project, I’m sure it will look very good, but if this is a test image, i don’t know why you posted it in the Finished section.

Anyway, Blend.

Well, this is a finished project, because it was a test render for something else that will be a bigger project. This render has nothing to do with that, other than the Beast script.

Also, I posted this due to the reflection issues. So I am hoping that someone here might have a solution or can make a solution.


What happens if you turn up raydepth for the reflection one or two steps?

Raydepth is currently set to 4, so I don’t think that is the problem. The problem is that Beast generates “cards”, which are actually planes that you assign an alpha map texture to. So the planes get reflected and not the alpha mapped texture image.


reading your post, I’ve runned some tests
Instead of activating Z trans for the card, enable Ray trans
That way, alpha should also work on reflected surface

after running more tests, I discovered that if you use my method on few planes, it works perfectly. If you use it on Many Many planes (it seems it has something to do with card orientation), the alpha isn’t handled correctly
But I will try more things to approach your kind of scene

here is my test

Depth is raised at 10 for each ray mirror and R trans
emit of the card are 1 (I was lazy to settle light :))

garbager: thanks for the information. I will try it later and see how it works.

Thanks again.