Modeled in blender 2.71 and rendered in cycles with 300 samples took 44 min.


may be u should take the render it in the open environment like on road or like somewhere outside.

thanks for criticizing. i ll try.

you should also try some other color and shaders for the body.

the attachment picture looks a bit better ,nice work.

i like it

looks like a year 2000 kitt


the wheels seem to small

thanks people for the response.well i made car big so the tyre looks small.

The way you make tires look small is making the rims big and the tires thin… Otherwise it looks good, specially the last render…
But dude, why do you talk to yourself :shrug: ??

Lol,that car screams INDIA

Looks like something my doctor would drive :smiley:

ha ha ha :no:.

looks a bit like the Maybach Exelero, nice one :slight_smile:

thanks eric