Beat Detection algorithm


I’m working in a beat detection algorithom. I would like to render the final images in Blender, but as I dont know how to work with python, for the moment Im rendering de images in PovRay. This is a preliminar result. Hope you like it.

I like it, what other uses could this pertain?

My aim is to do a music video and I wanted at the background of the story to be kind of stains moving at the rythm of the music. If you have the algorithm you use the music as the input and the output are images dancing with the music.

What about Blender 2.5’s ability to “Bake Sound to F-Curves”?

Hey, can you help me to find that “baking sound” thing? where is it? sorry that I still work with blender 2.48…


loopduplicate you were right, I have just found a script called soundtracker. Thanks!!!