Beats headphone + DJ mixer


This is a new work I’ve done this week, hope you enjoy =)

Beats headphone + DJ mixer (Internal Render)



very nice i like the texturing and lighting

beautiful :slight_smile:

WOW!!! I can’t believe this doesn’t have more comments!

Gallery please! this is an amazing piece of work. Can you give an angle that shows your lighting set up and what you did in post compositing work?

from your screen shot it shows Blender Render is that possible? I’d swear it had to be in Cycles.

Another proof that BI is a great tool and Blender does not need any other renderers to produce nice images.

Amazing, very nice result, belive me, i know many people that could not do this kind of rendering even with MAX and Vray.

Amazing scene, very nice details in every stage.

Wow! Nice work! Cycles? BI?

Precision !!!
A wonderful BI render!

Very, very nice Ricardo.
Two things that I noticed which look a little bit strange are:

  1. the alignment of the texture on the table/ground
  2. lack of bump mapped scratches on the mixer although they are visible in the diffuse

This is great. The level of detail is just amazing. Good textures as well.
The only thing, and that’s just a matter of personal taste, is that the headphone, if it had more colors on it, would have lent some vibrancy to the image. Great otherwise.

Excellent! I’d bet a finger that it was render in cycles…I guess is the artists that makes the tool…

great work!!! 5 star

Thanks for all the comments and observations!

comeinandburn, yes, blender internal render, always liked the internal, I see great potential in it =)
I used 3-point lighting, a “sun” and two “hemi” no “spec”, in the post I gave an improvement in color saturation. I’ll post some impressions after =)

the ends where the speakers are should be circular particularly the inset where the ‘b’ logo goes it looks pretty distorted the rendering and lighting is pretty good though. But the area around the speaker could use more work

It does seem like this headphone ear area could have cleaner geometry. Other than that this is a superb product visualization.

I really like the lighting and modelling. Great job!

tyrant monkey and zeffii, thanks, good observations =)

Jonathan L, thanks man!

For me its perfect, If somebody had showed me this as a photo I would believe it at first glance, its simply very well modelled and texturized, if I keep looking this render for some time I probably would find some problems, but I seriously dont thing that this is a big deal, 99% of the audience don’t pay attention on very small details, so its perfect for exibition in my oppinion, congratulations.

I dont think that this render should be added to the gallery because its a simple object modelled, its looking great but there are nothing very creative related to it.

Anyway, as usual you surprise me with your work!

Thanks for the comments man.

really nice work man! not only the modeling but also the render! I believe you must dig a lot into the node setup to create this amazing work with just BI! yes, most people with Vray or other tools next hand won’t make the same! :slight_smile: