Beautiful snowman 2

Hallo once again. In my last post, I showed my first render. Many of you told me what to change, and now I’ve done it all, plus some extra. So here it is, the new version of my snowman. Again I would be happy if you road some comments :smiley:

Looking much better, and the snowman looks brilliant! You’ve almost got the landscape right, you just need to reduce the spec, if not remove it completely. Maybe try 0.2 spec and 20 hard, and if it still doesn’t look right, just set the spec to 0.

Once you have sorted that, I would say that this is a great render, especially only for your second one! :slight_smile:

From Daniel

turn hardness down on the snow man and off on the snow. turn teh spec down a little bit too. the rest looks great except for the sky. get some skymaps here:

looks nice. maybe add some other elements, like a tree or a rock(not just one. disperse them evenly throughout the whole scene)

None of those work. And what is a skymap, and how do you use them?

Looks, great!

First reduce spec and hard, like we all said %| , and also the texture on the snowman, it looks more like styrofoam to me, not snow, I dunno if a cloud texture would work or not, im not that great with textures.

ah you’re right, I’ll pm [email protected] about those later(maybe tomarrow, because I’m kinda tired right now).

A skymap is a texture(very high res, so that it doesn’t get pixellated) and applied to the ‘world’ buttons or a big sphere encompassing the whole scene to give the illusion of a sky.

Also, about the snow, I jsut noticed that it’s made of spheres. instead of those, try using halo’s with teh hardness turned way down. (don’t just change the material on the shperes, replace each sphere with a single vert.)

I would recommend setting the 'Neg" button on the bump map on the snowman. Snowflakes pile up one at a time. As it is, it looks like it is falling clumps with spaces between them, so to speak. You should also set the same texture to affect your specular, too.

Also, I would try adding just a touch of “emit” on the snow material in general, and add a little more to the “Refl” setting to lighten the diffuse color.

The biggest problem I remember from the first one is the specularity, which doesn’t look like it’s been changed much.

looks nice but why is there a rake stuck through him?

Well, just to add someting. Many snowmens has it, or an other thing like it.