Beautiful snowman

Hey. I’m new to all this 3D painting, and this is my first render, not done from a tt. Personally I like it :P, but I want to know what You thinks, and what to be done different. If there is nothing You thinks should be done any different, well, I also want to know about that as well ;).


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…Not bad for a first render.

You need to change the snow material though, it looks like plastic. Reduce the specularity and hardness to start out, but I’m not sure where to go from there.

cool shiney snowman very wintery

I second that.

Some shadows might also look nice (you’ll need a spotlight).

Nice first work though.

might turn the spec down on everything? looks good, tho

Try giving the snow man a texture. Something like:

  1. Add a Cloud texture to the snow man.

  2. Give it a bump map (Global button for Map Input tab, Col and Nor with nor bar set at 1.0 in the Map To tab of the F5 menu).

  3. Set the noise size at 0.25 for the Cloud texture.

Here’s what the snow would look like:

Not very good but it’s something you could use to clear out that plastic look.


You should deform the spheres to make them look more realistic. Also flatten them a bit as they have weight.

I recommend blueish AO and a yellow buffer spot lamp.

Wolf, your snow looks more like salt. I think the snow should have a smoother texture, and it should look blue in the shadows. I think this is not easy to do. Maybe with a ramp shader. Or maybe you can give the shadows a blueish color and at the same time washing away the details away like real snow by using ambient lighting. I think that this is on of the few exceptions where you should use ambient light.

I found this thread searching for snow… glad I did!

Actually, Wolf’s snow looks damned near perfect for so simple a solution. I lived in Canada longer than any other place in my life, and let me tell you, a lot of freshly-fallen snow looks a lot like that.

Now, to make it better it might be nice to take a second texture and smooth it in places… It’s too uniform. No snow falls that nicely. Also, might want to bump up the specular in random spots because snow sparkles when light hits it.

I’m thinking a second cloud texture with similar settings, only much larger in scale and perhaps with its blending set to add or subtract. Wolf, the settings you mentioned don’t produce exactly the results in your image-- what else did you do to get the snow to be nice and grainy?

Here’s my attempt. Going from Wolf’s start, I also added a noise layer mapped to specular for a little sparkle-sparkle, and I used a color ramp to get bits of the snow to have a slightly bluish tinge. Interestingly, with raytrace on (or in Yafray’s GI renders) the sparkles disappear; I haven’t quite found good settings yet to keep them with raytracing on, although for my purposes turning off raytracing works fine.