beautiful world


this is my latest image.
click for larger image

hope you like it


What exactly is done with blender in this one? :confused:
How are you going to use it?

I love it!

The flare is maybe too intense, but this makes a very nice wallpaper! :slight_smile:

2d images can be done with blender ! sometimes it’s simpler than using Gimp (because of shadows, reflections,…)
In this images, the “layers” are distincts mesh objects with subsurf. Of course, there is also a lot of post-processing here (but done with blender’s nodes)

Thank you !
Tomorrow, I’ll post another render I did (different point of view)
…and yeah, maybe I’ll decrease a bit the “glow factor” :slight_smile:

How did you do the lens flare?

Gimp i think

Or not. Blender also have lents flare by Halo Material setup…
With non-Blender post-production or not, this is a wonderful image! You’re great Fab

tomrebel2, TerabyteST, pauloup :

The lens flare is the only thing I did with Gimp. pauloup, I did some tests with blender’s flare effet, but the result is not as good as gimp.
I also used the glare node (streaks) + blur node.

Thank you for your comments ! :wink:

cool example of taking a piece of software and extending its usual application…

Aw nice. I like stuff like this.

harkyman: thank you that was my first try. Now I want to make new images with that “fake 2d” style

The flare is maybe too intense, but this makes a very nice wallpaper!Therefore, I recommend this website: