Beautifull Fill

does anyone know what that is ?

I’ve heard before it tries to make all faces when filling the same size and stuff, but it’s practically less clean then a normal fill.

AH!! At least someone who wants to know the “poetic” side of Blender

Me too, I don’t know what it makes precisely :slight_smile: ( well it “rearranges” some “ugly” subdivision or face fill"…)
I guess that it was the old Blender or Ton Rosendal’s special “touch”
I love it very much
Barely seen these days :frowning:


Blender ref II 23 pdf:
“Beauty Fill. The edges of all the selected triangular faces are switched in such a way
that equally sized faces are formed. This operation is 2D; various layers of polygons
must be filled in succession. The Beauty Fill can be performed immediately after a

I tried to add the monkey head, edit, select all, alt-f.
must be really damn good to see a difference anywhere
maybe the monkey has not enough verts
what did I do wrong?

Hi again

wrong use I guess, even if I’m not quite sure what you want to do

The correct use for the Beautiful button is this way:

let’s say that you draw a closed shape of some vertices by hand.
Now to “fill” the shape you select all the vertices and do Shift-f
You’ll notice that the fill is quite “messy”
If you do Alt-F the fill will be more “beautiful” :slight_smile: