Beauty 4:3 to 16:9 conversion, with progressive stretching.

The idea of this conversion is to emulate my DVD player software (I don’t remember the name) stretching technique.

In the center of the image, it is almost not distorted and it gets more distorted progressivelly to the sides.

Here are some examples:

And here, in the image of the left, you can see the mesh stretched us.
IMPORTANT: there are some cases where the image will have unwanted distortions, as the lines of a football court, as seen on the image of the right.

You have to open the file, load the video file in the texture, match the movie lenght in the texture and in the actual Timeline, import the audio of the video in VSE and synch it with the scene. Then, render.

In the blend, there are two cameras, with teaching purposes. Obviously, use “camera.16-9”.

Hope it will be usefull.

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