Beauty and short subdivision in blender 2.5?

How can i get a Beauty and short subdivision in blender 2.5?

I don’t believe these are in 2.5. For all subdivide options Look at the bottom of the tool shelf (T) immediately after you have subdivides. Anyway you’ll have more control by using Ctrl+R for loop cuts.

Okay thanks.
Can someone please explain the options of the corner cut pattern that appears after subdivide in the tool shelf?

It would appear that they do NOTHING, and the option button is for decoration. I have yet to obtain any results from said ‘corner cut pattern’ option button.

Add a plane / in edit mode / subdivide / number of cuts 2
check the icon for edge mode
select edges in a clockwise direction so that the outer an inner edges are unselected
subdivide again and select how you would like your corners to be cut