Beauty of the Wastelands

I was messing around with the Ocean Modifier trying to get a good realistic looking water material. Turns out its harder than it looks, but by one of those interesting happy accidents during one of my test renders the “Ocean” started too look more like a rocky formation on the ground. So with a bit of tweaking to the lights and a bit of post on the Compositor this is what I ended up with. I might add more elements to it later on. Maybe some mountains in the distance. But for a happy accident I really like how it looks!

And here is the Scene with the material node setup

I forgot, here’s the node setup in the Compositor

Feedback is always welcome! =)

The lighting is beautiful, but the sky texture in the background looks a little low quality, and throws the picture off, for one. Just a thought tho…

a good way to make a nice ocean is by making a cloud texture then using a displacer modifier on the plane with the ocean. i agree with bossestrenders about the sky too.

@bossestrenders I wasn’t too happy with the sky either at first but it’s an HDR image and I don’t really know how to fix it. I guess I could find a higher quality one.

@kimihiro111 I actually did try using a cloud texture for the displacement but don’t know why it wasn’t really looking all that good. It’s there but at a very very low strength :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for you feedback! :smiley: