Beaver animation

We made an illustration of a beaver for an ad campaign a some months ago. During some free time earlier one of the dudes here in the studio did a little animation test with him to see how the fur would go, which was surprisingly good. It’s only now that I’ve had time to spend getting around to fixing up an environment and rendering him, after having to work out crazy tricks to get the strands to motion blur and composite properly, and with more of the bugs fixed during and after peach.

Oh, snap! That is one good looking beaver.

Nice fur - I like how the fur looks un-groomed too. Neck tilt looks a little too extreme, but everything else looks amazing.

wow, that was impressive! It looks really professional, well done. Was there any use of the nodes system in the rendering or is it just plain blender?

That is one cute beaver! It looks like you need a bit more anticipation where the beaver taps the knome, though.

Excellent animation! Movement are great, a work of a pro. I miss interaction with grass, and better lighting but movement and modeling are truly fantastic! :yes:

whoa. thats really good. andi am extremely jealous… im still a beginning at blender :(… oh well this is sooo adorable. too cute for words.

only one problem to ruin your good comment streak, the beaver looks like he is not in the scene. maybe dull down the materials or something. anyway great work


That’s Chronicles Of Narnia good. Not really, but close. great job. was that done all in blender