Beaver Mascott

Hey folks. I’ve been working on a race for the Portland Beavers (MiLB Baseball team). I thought I would see what you guys think of my version of their mascott. The animation will be 3 of these guys in different uniforms having a race around the bases. The first shot will be the Intro with the title, the second will introduce the racers (black grey and white), third is the actual race. Last is the winner celebrating. Unfortunately I’m not sure if I can post the whole animation when I’m done (all that fun legal stuff), but here is a quick still.

There will be actual grass (sasquach), and I’ll probably change the color of the character to more closely match the color in the logo… lol, and I know someone will say the shirt is to tight, but it’s going to stay that way :slight_smile: Sorry! hehe.

Some may wonder why I rendered in Lightwave. The answer is: Our company uses lightwave and Maya, and my co workers need to be able to work with the files. Since I don’t know Maya very will I pretty will stick with Lightwave.
Lol, my pipeline for character stuff looks like this:
Model:Blender -> UV:Blender -> Export to .obj ->Import to Lightwave Modeler (LWm). -> adjust/reaply textures LWm-> Skeleton/Weight mesh: LWm -> Load object into Lightwave 3D -> Export to FBX -> Auto Generate Rig and Animate: MotionBuilder -> Export raw bone animation data (pos,rot) as .fbx -> FBX Merge in Lightwave 3D-> Render:Lightwave… lol It looks more complicated than it is. Anway. I’ll check with my boss and see if I can post a low res or watermarked version of it when I’m done.

I would love to be able to see the animation when you finish. As a former resident of the Rose City for almost 30 years of my life, it has a special meaning for me.

He looks freakish. Reminds me of Doctor Zoidberg.

Lol, yeah, a few of the guys thought it was a little Davy Jones esque, but the Beavers approved it, so whatever :P)… customer is always right… right?

Cool Character, I love it. Pretty complicated working procedure, but if it works… Keep us posted!