beaver on the river

920 000 vertices, render (rays, OSA 5) 30 min. (athlonXP2600, 1GBram)


wow that’s alot of polys! looks great!

Not bad. I like the composition. A couple of things though:

The textures need work, especially the tree bark (which I think is one of those things that needs to be UV mapped).

You need more variations in the trees. It looks like you modelled one tree and then just duplicated it.

The water should be displaced where the beavers are swimming.


nice lukasz! =D only thing is the beavers are too shiny but they are wet so its cool

Interesting concept.

You should model at least 4 trees and duplicate, rotate and size them. I also think they could be much bigger / or thinner.
The beavers should be more underwater. Now it looks as if they could touch the ground with their feet.
I would try a night scene. Only lit by the moon. Some kind of beaver party :smiley: But that’s just my taste. I like dark images :slight_smile:

The beavers that are in the water do not produce ripples in your image, makes them look superimposed.

Also, they have this weird blue shadow that doesn’t go with the lighting of the scene IMO.

only thing is the beavers are too shiny but they are wet so its cool

THey don’t look shiny to me. In fact, I think they look a bit like they’re made of wood…

Not sure if your trying for photoreal or not but beavers have a dark and light fur. When they are wet they appear nearly black (very dark brown). It’s a great render though. Cool concept.