Here’s an illustration that just went public today. It’s the first fur creature my co-workers and I have done in Blender, now that it’s possible with the addition of the excellent new fur tools. It’s staggering how fast and easy it was to get it set up, and the strand renderer is extremely quick, too. I did the fur grooming and shading, the other dudes at the studio did the modelling and posing, and a bit of painting in photoshop.

It’s a still illustration of a beaver for web and perhaps print, accompanying a live action TV commercial for… you guessed it, tampons! It’s a pretty brave campaign, I say good on them for having guts :wink:

that’s amazing great work

i got 2.45.15 a couple weeks ago i hope to learn the fur system soon

The fur has some similarity to the Peach characters.

I like the new particle tools, now if the strand primitive was raytraced.

Lovely beaver you got there ;). I think yours is a lot cuter then the live commercial one.

Nice render! Is it just me or does the texture on the tail look a bit like bricks :p?

Is it just me or does the texture on the tail look a bit like bricks :p?

Ha, I was thinking the same thing :D.

Great job on the fur, Blender has certainly made huge improvements recently in the particle section ;).

Well you know that beavers are builders… hehe… But I thought the same as you.

whoa! Nice beaver.

Nice beav! They should have used your beaver in the commercial. Oh, well:(. Amazing work, but we all knew we were going to be amazed even before we opened this thread, as always haha.

Thanks for the kind comments! Personally I think it would have been great if they went for a full CG beaver in the TVC, but hey. This guy here is already rigged, and we’ve rendered some animation tests with him in our spare time. Hopefully if the campaign continues, they might consider doing it all CG, but who knows.

Here’s a few pure wip renders from in the process, if you’re interested. It shows how flexible you’ve got to be when doing this for clients that like to try different things along the way. The more non-destructive tools, the better!

beautifull work. I hope Blender gets into more professional studios. Our studio does lots of furry animals, all is done with maya, sometimes with XSI, but the new blender hair is same or even better. :slight_smile:

I tried that with my monkey but the fur went INSIDE the mesh when I combed it…I’m very very sad:(

…any help?..please?

I’m sorry I asked for a support question in this finished project thread, but I just have to!

i really like it…but i think the tail is bland compared to the rest of the pic. still, top notch work :smiley:

thanks cire for the picture, but it shows that it’s quite different from the rendering.
the pattern is not so regular and long-shaped, and in the middle there’s the muscle that makes a relief.

very nice the fur, personally i like the darkest version, more characterized.

yea, also its not a brick trexture…its a squashed honeycomb texture :smiley:

What blender version or build is the fur made?
And lighting?
Can I see those 2 set-ups? :smiley:

Love it!

LOL a beaver as the spokesman for a product your girl sticks in her beaver. LOL I love it.

PS beaver looks good to lol