BeBraw's Massive Build

Hi, this build looks great, BeBraw has put a tremendous amount of work into it,
Patching together a true Super Build for Linux users.
Could someone please port this build to Windows & post it to Graphicall.
Please, I don’t know how to compile, BeBraw has got the code ready to port, so if anyone can do this it would be great.

From the site:
This build contains around 20 patches and some small modifications of mine. I took revision 12209 of the main branch as base.
I dug up some old patches of mine I like and selected some from the patch tracker. I fixed those that needed fixing. I wrote a couple of features just for this build.
Note that the build does not contain game engine nor FFMPEG at the moment. I may add FFMPEG later though. Also addition of new functionality is possible.
Please let me know in case you run into any issues/bugs so I can look into those. Feedback about functionality is appreciated too.
A patch containing all the changes can be found at so you can build it on your platform and edit it as you see necessary.
Thanks for the good work BeBraw.
Porting this to windows would be great.

I updated the build to version 1.1 today. The biggest changes can be found at the material context of the buttons window. It’s not finished yet but should be totally functional. There is still tweaking to do. Some screenshots about the work and progress can be found at (previous numbers should work too).

Of course feedback about the changes and patches included is valuable. Should you find any bugs, let me know.

Wizard kindly created a build for Windows. You can find it at .

@Meta-Androcto: Sorry to butt in. The link to latest patch is just in case someone wants to provide a Mac build :slight_smile:

@BeBraw: If you update your monster patch again, feel free to drop me a PM and I’ll update the build for Windows.


Interesting how you’ve divided the controls for individual texture layers (diffuse, specular, mirror, transparency, etc).

Me likes!

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I too saw the new build by BeBraw but was not able to install it.
Could someone please post what linux distro you are actually running this build on and where you fetched the libraries from to make it work.
I have tried but not succeeded, sad to say.
The distro i found most ideal for me to use is pclinuxos but unfortunately, it does not have python2.5 yet. So, no luck there.

Thanks :slight_smile:

p.s. I have just finished a huge job and as soon as I can clean up my computers, I’ll finish the car tut. For some reason i have a lot of problems with “recordmydesktop” but hope to find a new linux distro that has everything i need to run the recent blender builds as well as some publishing apps for the tutorials.

I like the option to align new objects to worldspace rather than the view

using it on ubuntu feisty and got all the needed lib’s from synaptic… :wink:

Um, why remove the render and such menus from the User Pref / Main Menu thing? That’s what I hit most of the time to do test renders (as it’s mouseable without changing anything, and my f12 key is buried far under my desk thing most of the time (non-optimal desk setup but it does mean I’m grumpy about taking my hand off the mouse rapidly (hence binding num period to it))). It doesn’t seem that anything is gained by this …

ETA: Also, would it be hard to rebuild this thing with the game engine, or much harder than rebuilding it at all anyway? (Aside from re-enabling the game menu or some access to the play command). I wonder about this because so many builds seem to drop the game engine.

I probably wouldn’t care for general use if it was JUST a game engine, but since it’s also our hard physics engine in general I worry that I might suddenly develop a need to use it for the first time ;).

Um, why remove the render and such menus from the User Pref / Main Menu thing?
I mainly optimized the build for my own usage. I just commented out those options I don’t use (Render included) there. Uncommenting the parts from source/blender/src/header_info.c should do the trick.

I purposefully disabled GE in this build. I will see if there are some ifdefs available that can be used to allow building with it easily.

<edit> Forgot to mention that I built on Kubuntu (Feisty Fawn). I am not an expert of dependencies. That’s why I shared the patch. </edit>

Wizard, Go right ahead!
Thanks for the Windows Build, I should be able to play with it in a few hours.
So I’ll post some feedback here.
Thanks again to BeBraw for sharing his Massive Build.

YYEEEEHAAAA! Can’t wait to go home and play with it, thanks BeBraw!

I’m still trying to figure out why the round shaded theme won’t show up in Windows build. Its nagging the crap out of me. The code did get patched!

Wizard: Not sure. Note that it is not on by default. You have to currently enable it separately in the user preferences.

Never mind. Here’s a screenie for people like me who can’t find it :slight_smile:

Thank you Felix,
after a few hours of installing/uninstalling various distros, i grabbed LinuxMint 3.1, re installed it and was able to get that special build by BeBraw (btw: thanks BB for the fantastic work you did) running.
I really wanted to switch to sabayon or opensuse 10.3 but production matters more than an OS brand so hopefully it’s back to normal now.

BeBraw, for some reason i can not get the headers to the top as the pop up is no longer working. Maybe it’s just me?

Again, thanks Felix for mentioning how it can be done. Now my addiction to graphicall shall continue for ever and a day! YAY!!

BeBraw, for some reason i can not get the headers to the top as the pop up is no longer working.
I changed the header UI so that you only have to operate by clicking on the edges of windows. Give it a go. It might not be a bad idea to restore “click on header” though as people might have gotten used to it. That’s a good point.

This is one of the reasons I created the build. Feedback like this is valuable.

Updated the build to version 1.2. It contains plenty of new nodes and other fun stuff. You can find it at as always.

Shaded AO now in the build.

Someone must make a Windows version of 1.2.

Is there a list of exactly which patches are in this baby ? :slight_smile:

You can find the list on . Just read from the beginning. :slight_smile: