bec de passereau

Hi all

i will try to create a Bascinet Pig Face (knight’s helmet) and maybe all the armor :

here my reference :

and the entire French armor :

today work :

Nice work :slight_smile:

i add details and test a bump

like the bump map but i prefer a clean smooth helmet:p

keep up the good work waiting for updates:yes:

Nice work so far, but inverting the bump map should give better results, this one looks like elephant skin.


or may be using your bump as a diffuse (and the bump should be reversed) for thin details it often enought

update more details

I have a problem for the holes, an alpha texture needs high resolution for circle, so it’s not the best solution i think, so i try the intersection with a cylinder, but it’s imperfect …

i can’t modelise all the hole one by one, vertex by vertex, too long :frowning:

update : i use alpha texture for holes, i begin the armor (plastron)

cool, nice job

update :

Nice, I like the shader, Would be interesting to see what environment you put it in, a field or maybe a museum?

i use the material on this site :

update foot and leg :

i hope the hand modeling will be easy :s

update gauntlets :

now i can make the clothing under the armour

update :

now i can make the mail :smiley: (and the gold decoration)

update :

there are some artefac on the helmet :mad:

update i make the head :

i have a problem with the hole of the helmet, the raytrace light is stopped by the alpha texture :ba:

next steps : make the armature,the shape key for the head, and some weapon ( pollaxe, sword …)

try to turn on trashad in the shaders panel to solve the stopped light problem.
Shiny work btw :slight_smile:

thx that was that !

update, i correct the plastron and make the armature

mmmmh i forget to parent an object to armature :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: