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(Caronte) #1

I’m back! :o
I can see a future for Blender now :smiley: I’m very happy. :smiley: :smiley:

The next moth I will begin to make my first short with Blender (about 2 minutes).

Thi’s a mothership I was rendered for the short but finally I don’t want to use for this story.
I hope this like you:

Thi’s a little test anim to see the engines in action:

P.D: The background is wrong because a Blender bug:
If you render with X and Y parts, the stars don’t fill the whole screen :frowning:

(Ecks) #2

WOW one of the coolest ship I have seen in blender Great job man!
But why you dont want to use it?

(ndnchief) #3

That is an awsome looking ship, great detail, and the power plant that drives that thing is FarOut!!! Super great job!!! Will I ever be able to do something that good, there is always hope, I guess. Im still working with crayons in comparison, LOL… I envy artists who are so talented, and I am often awe struck by their ability to create such great art.

NDNChief, still a NOOB! Ugh!

(pofo) #4

:o Looks really great

Looking forward to seeing your short

  1. pofo

(valarking) #5

:o :o :o :o
:o :o :o :o
awesome work caronte!

(Friday13) #6

Looks great! Good too see you’re back to Blender :smiley:

(Caronte) #7

Blender is the most intuitive and fast 3D software on the world, but he need an update in some sections like the render engine, nurbs, character animation, etc…

I love Blender since I was know about him (ver. 1.7).

(theeth) #8

That mothership (darn, that must be the feminists fault :wink: ) is awesome!

PS: I knew you’d be back some day or another.

(Pooba) #9


I can’t write any more because i have to go to dinner :smiley:


(dickie) #10

awesome caronte!

(Caronte) #11

LoL :smiley:
I can’t live without Blender.

Thanks your comments are apreciate :wink:

(harkyman) #12

Geez. This is great. Awesome sense of depth, lighting, scale… the model’s not bad either. :wink:

(paradox) #13

Wonderful ship. Glad to see you back. I was going to miss you.

(S68) #14


Me too was missing you… how’s CBA going on?


(Caronte) #15

Hi, Stefano! :slight_smile:

The Community of Blender Addicts [CBA] still alive, I’m very happy if a BlenderHead like you visit the forum again :wink:

Remember the link to the CBA (Spanish):
And the link to my website (flash): (a bit outdated)