Because latest news...

I’m back! :o
I can see a future for Blender now :smiley: I’m very happy. :smiley: :smiley:

The next moth I will begin to make my first short with Blender (about 2 minutes).

Thi’s a mothership I was rendered for the short but finally I don’t want to use for this story.
I hope this like you:

Thi’s a little test anim to see the engines in action:

P.D: The background is wrong because a Blender bug:
If you render with X and Y parts, the stars don’t fill the whole screen :frowning:

WOW one of the coolest ship I have seen in blender Great job man!
But why you dont want to use it?

That is an awsome looking ship, great detail, and the power plant that drives that thing is FarOut!!! Super great job!!! Will I ever be able to do something that good, there is always hope, I guess. Im still working with crayons in comparison, LOL… I envy artists who are so talented, and I am often awe struck by their ability to create such great art.

NDNChief, still a NOOB! Ugh!

:o Looks really great

Looking forward to seeing your short

  1. pofo

:o :o :o :o
:o :o :o :o
awesome work caronte!

Looks great! Good too see you’re back to Blender :smiley:

Blender is the most intuitive and fast 3D software on the world, but he need an update in some sections like the render engine, nurbs, character animation, etc…

I love Blender since I was know about him (ver. 1.7).

That mothership (darn, that must be the feminists fault :wink: ) is awesome!

PS: I knew you’d be back some day or another.


I can’t write any more because i have to go to dinner :smiley:


awesome caronte!

LoL :smiley:
I can’t live without Blender.

Thanks your comments are apreciate :wink:

Geez. This is great. Awesome sense of depth, lighting, scale… the model’s not bad either. :wink:

Wonderful ship. Glad to see you back. I was going to miss you.


Me too was missing you… how’s CBA going on?


Hi, Stefano! :slight_smile:

The Community of Blender Addicts [CBA] still alive, I’m very happy if a BlenderHead like you visit the forum again :wink:

Remember the link to the CBA (Spanish):
And the link to my website (flash): (a bit outdated)